G-Dragon Tells Suzy to Buy His Song From His New Mini Album “COUP D`ETAT”

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon had a short answer for miss A‘s Suzy when she complimented one of the tracks on his new mini album, “Coup D-Etat.”

On September 3 Suzy wrote on her Twitter, “Black. The song is good. Black, black.” Suzy was referring to one of the tracks on G-Dragon’s new mini album.

G-Dragon replied back on Twitter with a short and curt message: “Then go buy it.” 

Netizens who caught the tweet remarked that “G-Dragon is a cool guy, “The two must know each other,” and “I wonder how Suzy would have responded.”

Recently, G-Dragon gave a performance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and will release a new album on September 13 with remix versions of “Window” and “Black.” Suzy was seen filming for the Idol Olympics.


Edit – This post has been edited for accuracy.