INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Hoya Wish Sungjong a Happy Birthday

INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Hoya have gone on Twitter to wish their most junior member, Sungjong, a happy birthday. Sungyeol even went as far as allowing their cute junior member to feel a bit older for the day. What did he allow Sungjong to do? Read on to find out.

On September 3, Sungyeol started off the congratulations with 2 tweets. Sungyeol starts off his tweet with some brotherly love, “Sungjong, Sungjong, Baby, Baby, Junior, Junior, Cutie, Cutie, the lovable Jjoong who was the first to congratulate me on my birthday, I heartily congratulate you on your birthday~!” Sungyeol continues on by showing concern towards his fellow member, talking about how “You must have it very tough lately, but our impressive junior is enduring it wonderfully. I love you!!”


Sungyeol continues to praise Sungjong, talking about how “Even though you’re the junior (of the team), you don’t needlessly grumble and you do a great job at everything without making a fuss about it. I sometimes get very surprised when you act even more maturely than I do.” Because of this sentiment, Sungyeol tells Sungjong that he can be his hyung (older brother) for the day before finishing off by saying “Sungjong hyung, I once again wish you a happy birthday.”

Fellow INFINITE member Hoya also wished their junior member a happy birthday with a short tweet which said, “Sungjong~ Happy Birthday! ^-^ Please always keep smiling brightly in the future as well hehehe.”

Sungjong in response has posted a picture of himself during today’s “Idol Athletics Championships” wearing a birthday party cone along with the message “>_< I lub(sic) you Inspirit,” referencing the INFINITE fan base.