New Stills of “Expect Dating” Show Picnic Dates and Moonlight Kisses

New stills for the upcoming drama “Expect Dating” have kicked it up a notch, showing some great lovey-dovey scenes among the four lead actors, BoA, Im Siwan, Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won.

On September 2, BoA and Siwan’s stills show the two idol actors having a cute picnic date. Stills of them taking a bike ride among lush greens of a park and sitting on top of a blanket to feed each other food show their upcoming romantic chemistry on the screen.

expect dating stills 090213 boa siwan

BoA plays the role of Joo Yeon Ae, who has a laidback personality but is not so good at dating. Im Siwan plays the role of Jung Jin Gook, who is naive but lovable and is a “dating beginner.”

“Expect Dating” sources commented, “They were being more lovey-dovey than an actual couple on set and caused all the single staff members to explode with jealousy. There will be a hidden twist during their picnic date so please look forward to it.”

On September 3, stills of Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won getting close and personal in a lovely kiss scene were released!

The stills show the two actors in a series of kiss scenes, creating a romantic and lovely atmosphere. One scene shows both actors sitting on a bench as they lock lips. Another scene shows Kim Ji Won bending down toward Choi Daniel for a kiss.

expect dating stills 090213 choi daniel kim ji won

It is reported that the scene was filmed in a quiet setting. Both actors seemed shy at first but when the cameras started rolling, Choi Daniel stepped it up and led Kim Ji Won through the scenes, causing the scene to be filmed without a single NG.

Choi Daniel plays Cha Gi Dae, who is pretends to be a dating expert but really is not and Kim Ji Won plays Choi Sae Rom, who is cute and lively and is good at playing hard to get.

“Expect Dating” will air its pilot on September 11.

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