Jo In Sung Shares Cotton Candy Kiss with Fans

What would you do if you could re-enact your favorite scene from your favorite drama with your favorite actor? One lucky fan got to have this chance during a fan meeting for Jo In Sung.

On September 1, Jo In Sung held a fan meeting to spend some quality time with his official fan club members. Not only did Korean fans attend but fans from Japan, China, Taiwan and more attended for a total of 500 fans.

Fans took up both floors of the auditorium where the event took place. Jo In Sung started off the fan meeting by actually going out to the audience to become up-close and personal with his fans.

jo in sung fan meeting 090113

Among the many events for Jo In Sung and his fans, one particular event that allowed fans to re-enact their favorite scenes from “That Winter The Wind Blows” was especially popular. Scenes such as the cotton candy kiss, Jo In Sung blowing on Oh Young’s hands to heat them up in the cold weather and many others were able to be re-lived with the fans and Jo In Sung himself.

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung is currently looking through his next project.