Girl’s Day’s Yura and Lee Hyun Jae Filmed Their Kiss Scene Over 20 Times

Girl’s Day‘s Yura has recently filmed her first ever kiss scene.

Yura shared a kiss with singer/actor Lee Hyun Jae for the “Reckless Family Season 3” filming. Lee Hyun Jae is currently a drummer of the band E.D.E.N and some readers may recognize him as the drummer in the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band.”

Yura plays the youngest daughter with a “4-D” personality and during the show, she has a dream of kissing the handsome newcomer in the floor above her apartment, which is shown in the scene.

Before filming the kiss scene, Lee Hyun Jae commented, “I’m about to have a kiss scene with Yura of Girl’s Day, the most popular girl group right now – what do I do?” Yura also commented, “What do I do,” showing her cute nervousness.

girls day yura kiss scene 092013

However, as soon as the cameras started to roll, both stars got to work. Due to the NGs, Yura and Lee Hyun Jae had to film this kiss scene over 20 times!

Since Lee Hyun Jae knew that Yura has never done a kiss scene before, he tried to lead her. However, the set was filled with laughter when people found out that this was only Lee Hyun Jae’s second time at a kiss scene. It is reported that the two looked after each other a lot, especially with the summer heat and mosquitoes.

Yura and Lee Hyun Jae’s kiss scene aired on the September 3 episode for “Reckless Family Season 3.”