Piggy Dolls Set to Comeback with a Difference

Piggy Dolls, the idol group known for breaking the status quo for what a idol group should be like, is set to make a comeback after a year’s absences and it appears that they will be returning with a difference.

On September 4, Piggy Doll’s agency, Winning Insight, has revealed that the girl group will be making a comeback after a year’s absence. They have also revealed that the member line up has been changed, but they have yet to reveal the names of the new members. The agency has also stated that their new song will be a sensitive and trendy song to match the new member line up. The pictures the agency has revealed show a member line up that is completely different in feel to the previous iteration of the Piggy Dolls group.


A agency representative stated that “We have boldly decided to abandon the original Piggy Dolls concept and have gone for a new character while preparing for this comeback.” The representative explains that “If we were to compare Piggy Dolls to a dish, then the Piggy Dolls character up till now has been a dish that has been spicy and sweet. This time it will be a generous dish containing a wide variety of toppings that taste salty, sour, and heart-breakingly bitter as well.”

The new reformed Piggy Dolls will reveal their new song on September 5.