Suzy and G-Dragon Share Playful Banter on Twitter

It all started when miss A‘s Suzy complimented one of the tracks from G-Dragon‘s new mini album, “Coup D-Etat.” 

On September 3, she wrote, “Black. The song is good. Black, black.” Suzy was referring to one of the tracks on G-Dragon’s new mini album. 

G-Dragon saw the tweet and gave a short response, “Then go buy it.” When netizens saw this tweet, they pointed out what a cool guy G-Dragon was and wondered what kind of relationships the two shared. 

Well, Suzy had something to say back to G-Dragon’s curt remark. She replied back on her Twitter, “After I buy ‘Had Enough Parties‘ first. Hoh hong hong hee.” (“Ho hong hong hee” is another version of “Ha ha ha”) “Had Enough Parties” is her CEO’s, JYP, latest single. 

Looks like Suzy is generous with promoting other artists’ titles! Do you think G-Dragon will reply back?