New Male Group NOM Debuts with “Noona is Pretty” Music Video Starring Hwang Min Woo

New male group NOM (Pronounced N.O.M) has made their debut with the release of their music video “Noona is Pretty” starring Hang Min Woo (aka “Little Psy“).

NOM consist of five members: Kay (Kim Hyung In), Yong Gi (Bae Choong Suk), Hoo (Min Jung Hoo), Yohan (Kim Jung Hwan), and Ah In (Kim Ah In). Their agency, JM Entertainment said, “NOM had actually started their activities in Japan, China, and other Asian countries before debuting in Korea. The plan was to develop their skills first by performing in other countries before showcasing them in Korea.”

“Noona is Pretty” is, as expected, a boy’s sweet and tenderhearted feelings for an older woman. The music video also stars Hwang Min Woo as a younger version of one of the members. He plays the ring leader of a group elementary school students who fall for a older woman.