Lunchsong Project Sings a Sweet Song About the “Power of Family” in New Music Video

Singer and songwriter Kwon Tae Eun‘s project group, Lunchsong Project, released the music video for “Power of Family” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel. 

Kwon Tae Eun is a respected songwriter and one of the senior producers at JYP Entertainment. He is known as a songwriter who is not limited by genre and has created hits such as Noel‘s “Marriage Proposal” and g.o.d.’s “Normal Day.” 

“Power of Family” is the main track from Lunchsong Project’s second album, “Acoustic Story.” The song is a gentle acoustic folk song with a timeless message about the power of family. The music video follows a nuclear family who is brought together by a meal lovingly prepared by the mother. Lunchsong Project and its song has received messages of support from other famous Korean singers such as Shin Seung Hoon, Gil, Kim Hyun Chul, Patty Kim, Noel, and Roy Kim