[Soompi Shop Exclusive] BEAST Art Figure Set Now Available On Pre-Order!

Hello, everyone! Soompi Shop is bringing an exclusive package for all international B2UTIES out there! This limited edition “BEAST Art Figure Set” comes with six figures, one of each individual member, and a serial number card. We’re also happy to announce two exclusive events! Thirty customers will be randomly chosen to receive an set autographed by all BEAST members! Also three hundred randomly chosen customers will have the chance to win an official BEAST earcap or an official BEAST sticker set!

This special package goes on sale starting November 8th, 2013. But since this is a preorder sale item, all shipping will begin mid-December. There are only 500 items available to overseas fans, so place your order before it runs out of stock!



What is the “BEAST Art Figure Set”?

The “BEAST Art Figure Set” is a special package produced to commemorate the activities and events that have taken place during the promotion of BEAST second album “Hard To Love, How To Love.”

This limited edition package will only have 1,016 copies available to overseas and domestic customers. Why 1,016? To commemorate BEAST debut anniversary, October 16, of course! Preorders will begin from November 8th, 2013 (KST), so hurry up and place your order before it runs out of stock!

How was the “BEAST Art Figure Set” conceived?

Take a look at these amazing “making of” videos, and discover the making of the “BEAST Art Figure Set”!

Product Info:



BEAST Figure 2

BEAST Figure Serial Number Card

Preorder Sales Details:

– Sales period: Starts from November 8th, 2013 at 6PM

– Shipping: Starts mid-December 2013 (shipping will go out in order of order placement)

– Cost: $129.99 USD (free shipping included)

Package Items:

– Art figure set (6 in total)

– Serial number card

BEAST Package


  • 30 customers will be randomly chosen to receive an all-member autographed set!
  • 300 customers will have the chance to win an official BEAST earcap or an official BEAST sticker set!

BEAST Event Prizes


1) Due to shipping restrictions, please order only one set at a time. However, you may place as many orders as you like.

2) All shipments will be done with registered standard shipping.

3) All shipping will begin in mid-December (we will notify individually when shipment begins).

4) No refunds/returns allowed after 7 days of ordering (unless the item is defective or damaged).

“BEAST Art Figure Set” at BEAST “Beautiful Show” in Seoul!

BEAST Figures at Concert 1

BEAST Figures at Concert 2

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