2PM’s Taecyeon to Feature in Cho Yong Pil’s Japanese Album

2PM‘s Taecyeon is set to help out one of the greatest Korean musicians by featuring in Cho Yong Pil‘s Japanese album. Cho Yong Pil is considered a legend amongst the industry and his decision to have Taecyeon shows that the senior artist acknowledges the 2PM singer’s talents.

According to JYP Entertainment, Taecyeon will be featuring in the Japanese version of Cho Yong Pil’s 19th album “Hello,” which is set to be released on October 16. Taecyeon will be specifically featuring in one of the rap components for one of the songs.

Cho Yong Pil has released several songs previously in Japan since the 1980s. His songs have been a hit over in Japan as well and he possesses a reasonable fan base in Japan. To complement the release of his latest album, Cho Yong Pil will be releasing a Japanese version of his 19th album “Hello” containing a Japanese version of the song of the same name. Taecyeon will be providing the rap for this version of the song.

Taecyeon has stated that “It’s an honor to be able to work together with a legend like Cho Yong Pil.” He also states that “I listened to the songs ‘Hello‘ and ‘Bounce‘ in his 19th album numerous times and loved it. I hope that a lot of people in Japan will be able to enjoy Cho Yong Pil’s music just like I did. I was extremely happy to feature (in this album). I have worked hard for the sake of this amazing song so I hope you really look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Taecyeon will be leaving on September 7 to participate in a fan meeting being held in Japan on September 8.