Cha Seung Won Rumored to Join YG Entertainment

On September 5, local news agencies report that actor Cha Seung Won has decided to join YG Entertainment.

Industry insiders commented, “Cha Seung Won decided to move to YG Entertainment. A staff member who has worked with Cha Seung Won for a long time has recently joined YG Entertainment, which naturally led Cha Seung Won to join him. Actress Lim Yae Jin is also known to have decided to join YG.”

YG Entertainment houses actors such as Goo Hye Sun, Jung Hye Young and Yoo In Na.

However, other news agencies are reporting that both YG Entertainment and Cha Seung Won’s current agency are neither confirming nor denying these reports.

Other sources are actually denying these reports, saying that it is not true.

Meanwhile, Cha Seung Won has recently made headlines for his son Cha No Ah’s involvement in a sexual assault case.

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