Teen Top Teaches Their “Rocking” Choreography in “Let’s Dance”

This week for LOEN‘s “Let’s Dance,Teen Top shows you how to do their flashy and impressive “Rocking” choreography.

Starting off with the simple “cringe dance,” it goes on to the complicated looking “free step dance.” Although it looks intimidating to watch, it the “free step dance” has just five steps that are repeated.

Their third point is the “Lalala” dance.”

Want a closer look at the full dance? Check out their dance version music video and their recent M!Countdown performance.

Teen Top made their comeback with their fourth mini album “Teen Top Class“on August 26. The title track “Rocking” is an exciting dance track with strong beats and club sounds.

If they win first place on a music program, Teen Top promised to have Guerilla concert to celebrate.