Who Said What at the Seoul International Drama Awards

Did you catch the Seoul International Drama Awards last night? We streamed it live on the Soompi website and if you missed it it is available to watch on Ustream

The award show was hosted by “Gu Family Book” costars actor Lee Sung Jae and miss A’s Suzy. Prestigious awards were given out to top Korean stars and international drama directors and actors. The show also had several exciting performances by KARA, 4Minute, K.Will, B.A.P, and more. Let’s take a look at who said what at the Seoul International Drama Awards. 

  • “Suzy, your kiss scene is too intense.” 

Opera singer Isabelle sang the song “My Eden” from the “Gu Family Book” OST and during her performance a montage of “Gu Family Book” scenes were shown on the big screen, including the scene of Suzy and Lee Seung Gi‘s characters’ kiss. When the performance was over, MC Lee Sung Jae teased his cohost about her kiss scene. Suzy blushed and lightly replied, “It does look that way seeing it on such a big screen. Let’s move on quickly.” 

  • “I think the song is good, even though I’m the one who wrote it.”

The winner of the best OST song went to JYJ‘s Jaejoong and his song “Living Like a Dream” for the “Time Slip Dr. Jin” OST. The hallyu singer made quick a presence at the award show with his fans screaming loudly every time his face appeared on the big screen. During his acceptance speech he said honestly, “I think this is a good song, even though I’m the one who wrote it.” He then thanked the producers and the other people who worked with him on the song and ended with, “I think I have received a very prestigious award.”

  • “Because I am also a mother, I could sympathize with this drama.”

Actress Byun Jung Soo accepted the special award for her performance on the KBS drama special, “Their Wonderful Day.” As the mother of two daughters, Byun Jung Soo explained how the drama was one she could sympathize with. She also took the opportunity to plug in her current drama, “Ruby Ring.” 

  • “This is why you have to choose your cast carefully.” 

Arang and the Magistrate” won Best Hallyu Drama, and producer Kim Sang Ho came up to receive the award. During his speech he thanked his main actor by saying, “I am bewildered to receive such a big award. I want to thank Lee Joon Ki for working tirelessly despite the summer weather being too hot to even talk. This is why you have to choose your cast carefully.” 

  • Thank you people of Korea for for this invitation.”

Korean celebrities weren’t the only ones receiving awards. Japanese actor Renn Kiriyama went up on stage to receive the People’s Choice Award for Japan. As part of his acceptance speech, Renn Kiriyama thanked the audience in Korean. He said, “I want to thank my Korean fans for giving me this award. Thank you for your love. I am honored to receive this award. I hope we meet again.” 

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