“Expect Dating” PD Gives BoA 75 Points Out of 100 for Her Acting

Singer BoA will make her Korean drama debut with the lead role in the upcoming KBS drama “Expect Dating.” So how did the Hallyu singer do in acting? The drama’s producer, Lee Eun Ji, gave her a rating of 75 out of 100.

On September 5 the drama held its first press conference at the Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. During the press conference Lee Eun Ji PD answered a question about BoA’s acting skills. She said, “In my opinion I think BoA deserves a score of 75. 75 points does not mean she did poorly. She could have done better, but it was expected since this is her first time. However, I want to thank her for enthusiastically focusing on doing her work.”

To this BoA responded, “I think the points I have received are high. I am pleased.”

As for BoA’s costar, Choi Daniel, Lee Eun Ji gave 90 points out of 100. “Choi Daniel showed what I wanted to see.” 

“Expect Dating” will air its first episode on September 11. You check out the trailer here.