Yoon Jong Shin Doesn’t Bother with “Manner Hands” with Park Ji Yoon and Lim Kim

Yoon Jong Shin did not bother with “manner hands” when he took a picture with female singers Park Ji Yoon and Lim Kim.

The singer and MC shared the photo through his Twitter and Facebook and wrote, “Mystic Girls.” Both Park Ji Yoon and Lim Kim are part of Yoon Jong Shin’s label, Mystic89. In the picture Yoon Jong Shin smiles brightly as he puts his arms around the two lovely singers in what looks like a bar. Netizen who saw the picture commented on the lack of “manner hands” but also complimented Park Ji Yoon and Lim Kim on their beauty. 

Yoon Jong Shin and Park Ji Yoon released a duet, “Goodbye” for Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly music release”Repair” series. Lim Kim recently released the teaser to her upcoming track, “Voice,”  and wrote special letters to Soompiers