New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 September Week 1

G-Dragon Vol. 2 – Coup D’etat (released)


01 Coup D’Etat (feat. Diplo, Baauer)
02 Niliria (Missy Elliot Version)
03 R.O.D (feat. Lydia Paek)
04 Black (feat. Jennie Kim)
05 Who You?
06 Shake the World
07 Michi GO
08 Crooked
09 Niliria (G-Dragon Ver.)
10 Runaway
11 I Love It (feat. Zion.T, Boys Noize)
12 You Do (Outro)

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G-Dragon releases his sophomore full-length album, “Coup D’etat”, four years since his solo debut with “Heartbreaker.” This time around, G-Dragon has worked with a variety of styles as well as with top musicians along the likes of Missy Elliot and Diplo. There are a total of twelve tracks including “Coup D’etat,” “Niliria,” “Shake the World,” and “Crooked.”

Lim Kim mini-album Vol. 2 – Her Voice (Sept. 9)


01 Urban Green (Korean Ver)
02 Rain
03 Voice (feat. Swings)
04 Say I Love You
05 Drunken Shrimp
06 Was Truth Ever Important
07 Urban Green (English Ver)

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Lim Kim finally releases her second mini-album titled, “Her Voice” this fall. The title track is “Voice,” and it features top rapper, Swings. This song is expected to show another side of “trendy.” It holds lyrics about reminiscing about an ex-lover through his voice. Other noteworthy songs are “Urban Green,” “Say I Love You,” and “Drunken Shrimp.”

Park Jin Young Vol. 10 – Halftime (Sept. 9)


01 Halftime
02 Love Is the Best
03 Had Enough Parties
04 She Doesn’t Know
05 Rolling
06 Only You (Happy Ending Ver.)

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Korea’s top producer, Park Jin Young releases his tenth album, “Halftime.” The artist incorporates his love for black music, his upbringing as a child with classical music, as well as his musical background with mentor, Kim Hyung Suk, to bring out his own style in “Halftime.”

BTOB mini-album Vol. 3 – Thriller (Sept. 10)


01 When I Was Your Man
02 Thriller
03 Why Are You Like This
04 Catch Me
05 Like Crystal
06 Star

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BTOB, who is well recognized for both dance and ballad music, has returned once more with “Thriller.” The title track is of the same name and has strong beats and string sounds. Members, Jung Il Hun and Lee Min Hyuk’s rap, further adds to the thriller effect of the song. Other songs included in the album are “Why Are You Like This” and love song, Catch Me.” Fans will be able to see how much the boys have matured through this album.

Zia/Lee Hae Ri (single) – If I Loved (released)


01 If I Loved
02 If I Loved INST

Korea’s top female vocalists, Zia and Lee Haeri of Davichi have joined hands for their latest special single, “If I Loved.” Composed by Minuki, it is a traditional acoustic ballad number with lyrics about being unable to forget one’s ex-lover.

Navi (single) – Don’t Want to Go Home (released)


01 Don’t Want to Go Home (feat. Geeks)
02 Don’t Want to Go Home (INST)

Navi makes a comeback after one year with a brand new single, “Don’t Want to Go Home.” The singer plans to show a different side of her through this medium-tempo number composed by Kim Won. It is very energetic as the title suggests and holds realistic lyrics about relationships. Geeks is also featured in this song, making it all the more anticipated by listeners.

CS Numbers Special (released)


01 Just One Day (feat. Baechigi) – 2BIC
02 Of Course (feat. Zia) – KCM
03 Breaking up Through Text Messaging – Zia
04 Luck – KCM
05 Words I Cannot Deliver – Zia
06 Nine Things I Request of You – KCM

CS Numbers (2BIC feat. Baechigi, Zia V.S. KCM) releases their new digital single album, “CS Numbers Special.” The albums consists of 2BIC’s latest single as well as songs from KCM and Zia. The title track is “Just One Day,” sung by male duo, 2BIC. This Latin hip-hop number was composed by Jo Young Su and holds lyrics about longing for an ex-lover after breakup.

Brave Girls (single) – For You (released)


01 For You

Brave Girls makes a comeback after a year and six months with their latest single, “For You.” It is a ballad number with slow R&B beats. The song holds lyrics about being unable to forget one’s ex-lover.

Piggy Dolls (single) – Ordinary Woman (released)


01 Ordinary Woman

Piggy Dolls comes before fans, transformed, with their latest single, “Ordinary Woman.” This R&B number incorporates electric dance rhythms and holds lyrics about living with confidence even if you are an ordinary woman.

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