Nam Sang Mi Portrays Classic Elegance in “GRAZIA” Photo Shoot

Actress Nam Sang Mi will be featured in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of fashion magazine “GRAZIA.” In the photo shoot, Nam Sang Mi portrays the classic elegance of iconic actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s. 

Nam Sang Mi commented on her image as a kind person, “Because I have played so many kind, gentle, tragic heroine roles, they say that I look like a kind person. I guess I must be the kind of actress that matches that kind of woman. First, to my parents who gave me the visual, I am thankful. Even if I am not really like that in real life, it is nice to have people think of me as lady-like.”

Nam Sang Mi came to fame as an ulzzang and has acted in 2013 SBS drama “Goddess of Marriage,” 2011 MBC drama “Lights and Shadows,” and 2010 SBS drama “Life is Beautiful.” Nam Sang Mi, a close friend of Gu Hye Sun, was cast in Gu Hye Sun’s short film “You” and feature film “The Peach Tree.” 

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