A Pink’s Jung Eunji Thought the Taj Mahal Was the Capital of India

A Pink member Jung Eunji recently caused the entire set of “Barefoot Friends” to laugh themselves into stitches over her response to the question asking what the capital of India was. 

On September 8, “Barefoot Friends” members went to visit cuisine researcher Lee Hye Jung. In order to try Lee Hye Jung’s cooking, the members had to pass a quiz. The first question was about the capital of India, where curry had received its very fame. 

As soon as the question was asked, Jung Eunji confidently held up her spoon and replied, “The Taj Mahal,” which caused everyone to crack up. “What are you talking about?” they asked her.

Kang Ho Dong reacted differently, exclaiming to Jung Eunji, “Teacher, why did you wait until now to show up?” as if to refer to the birth of another entertainment star. Kim Hyun Joong added more hilarity to the situation by asking, “Isn’t the Taj Mahal a religion?”