Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Uploads Childhood Photo With Brother

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon recently shared a cute and adorable childhood photo with her brother.

On September 6, Taeyeon uploaded the picture on her Instagram and commented: “The happy-looking Jingoo Taengoo.” Taengoo is a nickname for Taeyeon.

The two people in the photo have a lovely smile on their faces, lying on a snow hill. Baby Taeyeon has the same amazing eye smile that she does now.

Netizens commented, “Taeyeon was cute back then and now she’s stunning,” “Her brother must be hot as well,” “She was so adorable as a baby.”

Taeyeon performs the voice of the main character in the movie, “Super Bad 2” (also known as “Despicable Me 2”). The movie will be released on September 12.

teayeon baby with her bro