Jung Yoo Mi Likely to Star Next to Park Yoo Chun in “Sea Fog”

Actress Jung Yoo Mi is reported to be considered for the female lead role in the upcoming film, “Sea Fog,” next to its male lead, Park Yoo Chun.

Film industry insiders spoke with TV Report and said, “Jung Yoo Mi is currently thinking about whether or not she wants to join ‘Sea Fog.'”

Sources say, “The film ‘Sea Fog’ has a lot of gory and intense scenes so it is going through difficulties in casting an actress for the female role. Jung Yoo Mi is the casting staff’s number one pick right now and are trying to convince her to join the cast.”

Jung Yoo Mi’s offered role in “Sea Fog” is a stowaway named Hong Mae, who goes aboard a smuggling ship in order to find her lost brother. The film is reported to have an intense love suicide scene with Hong Mae and Dong Shik, who is to be played by Park Yoo Chun. The captain of this smuggling ship is to be played by Kim Yoon Shik.

It is reported that “Sea Fog” is currently editing its bed scene since it is one of the most burdensome parts for an actress. After the full cast is confirmed, the film is to kick off later this year.

“Sea Fog” is about a crew and stowaways of a certain smuggling ship and the events that transpire between them. It will be produced by the famous Bong Joon Ho and directed by Shim Sung Bo.