Cha No Ah’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Refuses to Settle

Here are the latest developments on Cha Seung Won’s son, Cha No Ah‘s sexual assault case. It has been reported that the victim’s mother filed a petition to the courts on September 6.

The victim’s mother spoke with Y-Star’s “Live Star News” on September 9 and said, “As a mother, I’m so angry and upset that I went to file a petition to the court.”

She continued, “We already submitted all of the evidence but the investigation is taking way too long, which is making it hard for our family. We think that [Cha No Ah] needs to receive a strong punishment so there won’t be a second or third time. As a parent, since the evidence is all there, I hope the court will quickly decide on a punishment.”

She also added, “My daughter is currently suffering from sociophobia (fear of large crowds and people),” and “It’s to the point where she vomits if a family member is not with her. She is afraid of being alone for more than 10 minutes. She was diagnosed with gastric ulcer and gastritis and is suffering horribly.”

The victim’s mother also stated, “I have never heard that my daughter and Mr. Cha dated. I know that she treated him as a senior and called him ‘oppa,'” and “I have no thoughts to settle at all.”

Previously, Cha No Ah was accused of sexually assaulting a minor.