Clara Reviewing MC Spot for “Quiz to Change the World”

Actress/TV personality Clara is currently reviewing for his spot for the MBC varierty show, “Quiz to Change the World.”

After it has been confirmed that Park Myung Soo will be leaving his MC post for the show, it has been revealed that Clara is considering the spot.

On September 9, Star News reports that a particular source commented, “It is true that Clara received an offer to MC the show,” and “However, nothing is confirmed yet.”

The reason for Clara’s hesitation is because of a conflict with her current tvN program, “SNL Korea,” which airs at the same time. It is an unwritten rule in the broadcasting world to appear in two different programs at the same time. However, it will be difficult for Clara to leave “SNL Korea,” which played a huge role in creating Clara’s sexy image.

Although some news agencies report that Clara has been confirmed for this MC spot, her agency recently stated that the decision has still yet to be made.

Along with Park Myung Soo’s departure, the program will go through major changes including the general format and the reoccurring guest panel.