Hyosung Is a Cutie in Recent Selca

Recently, Secret‘s Hyosung surprised her fans with an adorable selca.

On her Twitter on September 10, Hyosung uploaded a photo of herself. In the released picture is Jun Hyosung wearing a sexy nude-tone see-through dress. She is posing for the camera with V-signs using both hands and has an adorable pouty expression on her face. With sparkly accessories including the hairband, necklace, and bracelets, Jun Hyosung looks pretty and girly in this selca.

Netizens that saw this photos commented, “It has been way too long, Hyosung unnie. You are looking so pretty,” “Secret! Your dress is really sexy,” “Your hair looks very good, Jun Hyosung.” 

Secret recently attended “2013 Incheon Korean Music Wave” on September 1, 2013.