MYNAME’s Se Yong Is Praised for Picking Up Trash After a Show

Recently on September 9 on an online community bulletin board, a photo was uploaded under the title, “Se Yong is an ethical idol who picks up trash after filming ‘Dream Team.'” The picture was a captured image from group MYNAME‘s official Twitter.

The writer wrote, “I am actually a fan of another group. I went to watch the filming of ‘Let’s go! Dream Team.’ After the filming, I stayed behind because I didn’t want to leave yet. Then I saw Se Yong helping the staffs clean up the set. I was impressed.”

In the released picture is Se Yong picking up a garbage. This was taken at the set of “Let’s Go! Dream Team” on September 4, 2013.

MYNAME’s agency later stated, “We did not know someone took a picture of this. We found out when it appeared online. Se Yong is a polite guy. He said he is embarrassed at all the praises he is receiving.”

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