Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Ga Eun Enjoy Their Bicycle Date

Recently on an online community bulletin board on September 9, several photos were uploaded under the title, “On the bicycle lane in Yang Soo Ri, I saw Choi Jin Hyuk.”

In the released pictures are actor Choi Jin Hyuk from drama “Gu Family Book” and rookie actress Kim Ga Eun from “I Hear Your Voice.” They appear to be having fun as they take pictures of themselves on the street. 

It was later revealed that the photos were taken at the set of singer Taewon‘s upcoming music video, in which Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Ga Eun appear as main characters. As they smile for the camera together, Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Ga Eun look like a real couple.

Meanwhile, Choi Jin Hyuk is currently busy filming SBS’s upcoming drama “The Heirs.”

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