T-ara N4’s Dani to Feature in Five Dolls’ Comeback

Girl group Five Dolls will feature their label mate Dani in the title track of their upcoming mini album.

A representative of Core Contents Media revealed that Dani will be featured in the song “Love Me, Love Me Not” from Five Doll’s mini album, “First Love.” The agency also revealed jacket album photos of the girl group and Dani. In the pictures Dani is set apart from the other members by the jeans that she wears. In another picture she sits on a swing set with an innocent and youthful look on her face.

Five Dolls has also released individual member teaser photos. The music video for “ ”Love Me, Love Me Not” will be revealed September 12 and Five Dolls will have their comeback stage on “M!Countdown” on the same day. The full album will be available September 17.