UEE Clears Up Sponsorship and Pre-Debut Rumors

After School’s UEE appeared as a guest on the talk show “Hwashin” and cleared up rumors about sponsorship and supposed photos of her as a bar hostess.

On the show, UEE talked about what comes up the most when you search her name on the internet. One of them was “UEE Sponsor.” Rumors that UEE had a rich sponsor had been circulating the internet.

The singer denied the sponsorship, “One day my shocked friend confronted me about it and said, ‘So even UEE has this kind of side to her.’ The friend even went up to me and asked if it was the truth…I was worried that if I left it alone it would become like a truth so I looked for an opportunity to explain. I modeled for advertisements like cellphones and chickens, but I think the rumors were started.”

UEE also clarified rumors about her being a bar hostess in the past. One of the other search results of her name was ” UEE’s hostess photo.” There were photos on the internet of UEE being involved with men and acting like a bar hostess. Despite being photoshopped, rumors that UEE used to be a bar hostess began to spread. She said, “At first I was so angry I looked for the users behind the photos.” 

Expecting anti-fans, UEE was surprised to find that the netizens who created the photos were just elementary school students or stay at home moms. To protect the identity of those mischievous netizens, UEE decided not to pursue legal action.