[Exclusive] Announcing Soompi Ulzzang 2013... and an Introduction from LC9's E.Den!

Hey Soompiers! 

Get your cameras out and your smiles ready, because Soompi Ulzzang is back and this year it’s bigger than ever! K-Pop’s biggest beauty contest is now being sponsored by Nega Network — that’s right, the record label behind Brown Eyed Girls, Lunafly, LC9, and many others! Why Nega Network, you may ask? Well, many of you might remember that our last Ulzzang winner was none other than E.Den, who is now one of the main rappers of LC9. Nega Network is turning to Soompi Ulzzang to scout out their newest star! Participate in Soompi Ulzzang and you could be the next biggest K-Pop idol!

Need any more proof that Soompi Ulzzang can get you into the business? Here’s a special message from E.Den himself, encouraging you to get involved:

The winners and runners-up of Soompi Ulzzang (four in total, two male and two female) will be interviewed by Nega Network via video chat. In addition, the winners will also receive a collection of autographed CDs from the Nega Network artists! As always, the winners and finalists will be determined by audience vote, but Nega Network has the right to reserve contestants to move onto the next round.

Registration begins now and will end on Sunday, September 29 October 6, 11:59 PM PST, and is open to all registered Soompi users. Here’s the process:


1. Submit two recent full-face photos of yourself.
  • The first photo will be your official entry. It will consist of one photo of yourself, at least 500 pixels in width and height. Please make sure it is both flattering and accurate. The photo must be full-color and show your entire face. You must be the only subject in the photo (no other people allowed).
  • The second photo will be used for verification purposes only and will not be displayed publicly. It will be a photo of yourself holding a handwritten sign which reads “Soompi Ulzzang 2013” and your Soompi username.

2. Email these photos to ulzzang@soompi.com, with your Soompi username in the subject heading.

Entries will be accepted until September 29. The voting period will begin shortly thereafter. The contest will be elimination-style, with several rounds divided by gender; the number of rounds will depend on the number of entries we receive. Future rounds may or may not have “missions,” in the case that Nega Network would like to see the contestants in action! (Hint: It might not be a bad idea to prepare your talents, whatever they may be!)

If you have any more questions, please refer to the Soompi Ulzzang 2013 forum thread. There’s a helpful FAQ, and you can feel free to discuss the contest with other contestants as well!

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you always wanted to be a K-Pop idol?

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