Kara’s Han Seung Yeon Is Fed Up With “Airport Fashion”

Han Seung Yeon tries to clear the misunderstanding that she fought with a reporter because of “airport fashion.”

On September 10, she appeared as a guest on SBS’s “Hwashin” along with After School’s Uee. She explained that she can be quite blunt, which is contrary to her cute and bubbly personality on air.

MC Kim Hee Sun commented, “There was a time when Han Seung Yeon responded to a reporter who asked airport fashion, ‘My head hurts. It’s difficult to wear sunglasses everytime I go to the airport. Our members aren’t insects to be stared at.’”

Han Seung Yeon responded, “I wasn’t angry at the reporter, but about airport fashion in general. We should be able to wear comfortable clothes when going to the airport, but the place became a hotspot for fashion critics. When I wear something from the year before, reporters and netizens would say something. I was uncomfortable with that and was angry. That’s why my words came out the way it did.”

Uee was listening to the conversation and gave her input, “There are times when I wanted to come out nice on the airport fashion photos and dressed well, but no one was there to take the pictures. On the other hand, there are other days when I think, ‘No one will take photos today, right?’ and dress comfortably, but many reporters are waiting at the airport since many other idols and celebrities will be at the airport that day. To be honest, I stress over airport fashion.”

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