What Do The We Got Married Couples Think About Each Other

There has been plenty of We Got Married news today with the program launch press conference being held for the new couples entering the show. The main producer for the show has already stated her opinion about the new couples and show in general but what do the actual couples think about each other? Well there was plenty of quotes to digest from today’s press conference so lets delve in.


Son Na Eun Belives That Taemin is The Best

We Got Married’s now most veteran couple, Son Na Eun and Taemin, have at times playfully frustrated viewers and fans alike due to their almost child like relationship style. However they seem to be developing at a rapid pace if our most recent We Got Married recap is anything to go by. Taemin was unfortunately not present during the day’s press conference due to a scheduling conflict but his wife Son Na Eun was present for the occasion and she had a few things to say about her popular husband.


Son Na Eun was asked who of the current male line up in We Got Married was the most charming. She replied that “The other 2 guys are charming as well but my husband is the best.” She also talked about Jo Jung Chi and Jung In’s recent leave of absences from the show, stating that “I saw the episode recently where the Jo Jung Chi and Jung In couple put an end to their imaginary life.” She then goes on to talk about how she “Cried throughout the whole thing as I watched it. I don’t want to think about the end for me and Taemin.”

Lastly she explains that “I’m still in a process of getting to know Taemin and I hope to be with him for a very long time. I contact him once in awhile as well.”


Yoon Han – I always dreamed of marrying a good and wise mother.

One of the new couples entering We Got Married is pianist Yoon Han and actress Lee So Yeon. The official character press release calls them the 30’s couple, the ones that are at the right age to get married. Yoon Han is described as the perfect husband, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, handsome, tall and a skilled cook as well. Meanwhile Lee So Yeon is a lady through and through, skilled a wide range of things from knitting, cooking, accessory making, clothes design, chocolate making and baking. 


Unfortunately Lee So Yeon was also not present during this press conference but her new imaginary husband Yoon Han was present to answer several questions about himself. He starts off by saying that he “Originally the type of style I liked was the ideal mother type. I like receiving things and my ideal type was a person that would get dinner ready and wait for me.” Yoon Han however reveals that “After having my first recording, I realized that I wanted to be the one doing those things” and that “I believe it is fun and rewarding to those things myself for them (The lady).”


We Got Married’s new PD Sun Hae Yoon stated that the Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon couple was one that the staff matched up like how a marriage bureau would match up potential partners. She also mentions that they are so well suited to each other that she hopes that the two of them “Will date of real and get married.” 

She also explains that she believed that the Alex – Shin Ae couple was the most interesting couple out of all the We Got Married couples so far. She thinks that his couple has a similar image to the couple where the guy is a musician and the lady is an actress. However she believes that despite the similarities, we will be seeing different and unique charms from this new couple.


The Unpredictable Couple, Jung Joon Young “She’s not as fun as I thought” Vs Jung Yoo Mi “I want to delve further into him”

The last of the new couples joining the new and hopefully improved We Got Married is the unpredictable pairing of rock artist Jung Joon Young and actress Jung Yoo Mi. Similar to the Jinwoon and Joon Hee couple, we have on our hands another couple where the lady is older than the guy, in this case a 30 year old lady with a 25 year old guy. The press release describes Jung Joon Young as a wild unpredictable guy with some unique charms, looking for a wife that control him. Meanwhile Jung Yoo Mi is a lady with many facets. Hidden behind her cute looks is a lady that is obsessed with exercise while at the same time always having a child like smile with an honest and free going personality.


The Joon Young and Yoo Mi couple also happens to be the only couple that was fully present during the We Got Married Season 3 program launch being held at the MBC Dream Centre facility on September 11. During the press conference, Jung Joon Young talks about his first impressions of Jung Yoo Mi, stating that “My ideal type is a girl that is bright, fun and pretty however after meeting Jung Yoo Mi, she’s not as fun as I thought she would be.” But it appears that gradually changed because Jung Joon Young then states that “However when I see her having fun when I didn’t think it was very funny, I feel much more comfortable. I think my ideal type is slowly changing bit by bit.’

Jung Yoo Mi also gave her impressions about their first recording, saying that “My first recording with Jung Joon Young was fun” and that “Usually my ideal type is someone that is comfortable and friend like. I like people that I can share a lot of things with and have fun. Jung Yoon Young has a unique rock spirit. That is something I plan to delve further into in future.”


Jung Joon Young was also about he want about captivating a lady that is older than him. He claims that his “Whimsical attitude” is his charm and that “Jung Yoo Mi saw me being whimsical and she really liked it. It’s also probably because there is an element of cuteness in it as well.”

He goes on to state that he doesn’t want to a pretty little couple but rather a couple that has a great aura around them. He also picked Seo In YoungCrown J’s couple as the most impressive couple on We Got Married stating that “While we won’t go for that exact same feel, I believe that our couple has some similar traits to them.” Jung Yoo Mi even joked around saying that “I believe that Jung Jun Young and I are painting a whole different picture to each other. I’m thinking that today’s occasion might even end up becoming a fight between us two.”


As for what she thinks We Got Married should be about, Jung Yoo Mi states that “There has been a lot of cases where friends and people I know have appeared on We Got Married. That has been the case for Kim Hyun Joong, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In. Because those couples showed off a realistic portrayal of themselves, where the impression they gave off on TV was the same impression I had of them in real life, I also plan to just show off myself as is without exaggeration, embellishments and without trying to follow what other couples have done.”

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