Outsider Releases “Hope Torture” MV feat. Son Seung Yeon

Outsider, known for his ultra-fast rapping, teamed up with vocal prowess Son Seung Yeon for a music collaboration.

Released on September 11, the track “Hope Torture” is penned and arranged by composer and producer Fish That Meets Water who also wrote Ulala Session’s “One Person,” Son Seung Yeon’s “I’m Not Crazy” and Koyote’s “Hollywood” among others. Outsider provided the rap.

“Hope Torture” means giving the other person a hard time with unpromising hope. The duet track is inspired by the story about the hurt and love from the movie “Love Actually.”

Son Seung Yeon made a successful debut with “I’m Not Crazy” while Outsider made his comeback after three years to a warm public reception.

Check out the music below!