Ji Sung Had a Difficult Time with Breakup Rumors

At the recent press conference for KBS’s upcoming drama “Secret,” which took place on September 11, actor Ji Sung revealed his thoughts on his upcoming marriage and future wife Lee Bo Young.

Ji Sung stated, “We always trusted each other. There are times when we are so busy, we can’t be attentive to each other. But we understand each other. I am thankful for what we have now, because many others around us have not been kind to our relationship. There were difficult times, but I am happy that we are finally getting married.”

He continued, “Honestly, I wanted to get married earlier. When the marriage rumor broke out recently, I wasn’t panicked at all. In my mind, I was already married to her.”

When asked about the past breakup rumors, Ji Sung replied, “I heard the rumor every year. We were always going on dates. Of course we were upset about all the vicious rumors, but now I am happy that I am getting married. My life starts now.”

“Secret” is to start airing later this month on September 25.