“Star Diving Show Splash” Cancelled

The controversial variety show “Star Diving Show Splash” has been officially cancelled.

One of the show’s producers, Shin Jung Soo told Ilgan Sports News in a phone interview that, “We received the news that the show was cancelled on September 11 in the afternoon. The news was confirmed today in an executive meeting with MBC. The cast had to suffer so much and we could have made a better show so there are so many regrettable things.” 

The staff and the cast members were also notified of the cancellation. A representative of one of the cast members said, “After Lee Bong Won was seriously injured, everyone stopped the practices. When the show was suspended [because of the injuries] for the two weeks we assumed that the show would be cancelled.”

“Star Diving Show Splash” was a variety show that had celebrities jumping off high diving boards. The show was scheduled to run for thirteen episodes but only aired four episodes after being suspended. Cast members like Clara Ha and Sam Hammington received injuries during the show, but the suspension came after comedian Lee Bong Won severely injured his face during practice and had to go through orbital fracture surgery.