Lee Byung Hun’s Sister Talks About Sister-In-Law Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun’s sister Lee Eun Hee opens up about her celebrity sister-in-law Lee Min Jung.

On September 12, she appeared as a guest on KBS’s talking program “Yeo Yoo Man Man” along with other previous Miss Korea’s turned actresses Kwon Min Jung and Jung So Ra.

When asked how she felt about being called “Lee Byung Hun’s younger sister,” she responded, “People kept calling me by that. I was upset at first, but I’m used to it by now and it’s the truth. I’m comfortable to the point that now I would bring it up first and introduce myself as his younger sister.”

The MCs asked her about Lee Min Jung, who recently got married to Lee Byung Hun. She answered, “I’ve barely seen her so far [since the wedding]. It’s a shame. She’s currently out of the country for filming and I think we’ll be able to see more of each other after Chuseok.”

MC Jo Young Gu asked, “Doesn’t Lee Min Jung have quite a nice personality?” Lee Eun Hee answered, “She has such a nice and cheerful personality.”

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