M! Countdown 09.12.13 – G-Dragon Wins with “Black”

Today’s win at M! Countdown was talented handsomeG-Dragon with “Black”, beating Kara with “Damaged Lady.” He seemed to almost break into tears when seeing the results of the votes. Congratulations G-Dragon!

Today featured the exciting comeback special of G-Dragon with the cool songs “Coup D’etat”, “Black” and “Crooked.” Also the comeback of cool boys of BTS with the powerful songs “BTS Concept Trailer” and “N.O”. Also today’s show featured a special performance by the pretty F-ve Dolls featuring Dani from T-ARA with the song “Can You Love Me?” and the one and only JYP himself with the the songs “Had Enough Parties” and “She Doesn’t Know.” Other performances today featured ZE:A, Sunmi, Henry, B.A.P, Ladies Code, Spica and many more.

Check out the other videos below from tonight’s performances!

Congratulations again to G-Dragon!

G-Dragon Winning M! Countdown

G-Dragon encore “Black”

G-Dragon – “Coup D’etat”

G-Dragon – “Black” feat. Jennie Kim and “Crooked”

BTS – “BTS Concept Trailer” + “N.O”

F-ve Dolls feat. Dani from T-ARA – “Can You Love Me?”

JYP – “Had Enough Parties”

JYP – “She Doesn’t Know”

ZE:A – “Ghost Of Wind”

Sunmi – “24 Hours”

B.A.P – “Badman”

Ladies Code – “Pretty Pretty”

Henry feat. Amber – “1-4-3”

Spica – “Tonight”

G-Dragon Coup D’etat Up Next

G-Dragon Cut on Mnet Wide

G-Dragon coming soon clip

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