Sam Hammington Prefers Sexier Singers Than Kara

On the recent airing of MBC FM4U’s “Kim shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” which was broadcasted on September 12, Australian-born comedian Sam Hammington and girl group Kara appeared as special guests.

During the show, DJ Kim Shin Young asked Sam, “Who would be your ideal type among the Kara members?”After some hesitation, Sam Hammington answered, “No one. (Kara) looks too innocent and so the members are not my style.”

When Kim Shin Young asked what he meant by “innocent,” Sam Hammington explained, “They look like they are in middle school. They look too young. I like singers like Lee Hyori and girl group SISTAR‘s Hyorin.”

He also added jokingly, “I guess I like idols with ‘Hyo’ in their names.”