Key And Jung Eun Ji To Be Special MCs for “Sebakwi”

“Sebakwi” (also known as “World Changing Quiz”) was in a bit of pickle recently with Park Myung Soo leaving the MC role to focus on his other schedules (like Infinity Challenge) and his candidate Clara has also rejected a call up on the MC role for the late night talk show. So while they look for a more permanent MC replacement it appears that the program will once again return to a system of rotating special MCs. The first of these special MCs will be SHINee’s Key and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji.

On September 13, MBC released a press release that revealed that “Sebakwi” is set to be reborn as a talk show to reduce the generational gap during the autumn program reorganization period. In this press conference they revealed that the first of their special MCs will be A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji followed up by SHINee’s Key the week after. As our recent We Got Married recap showed, the two of them appear to have a great knack for variety shows. It appears that the staff members for “Sebakwi” thought likewise given that they were chosen to man this show during this delicate program renewal period.


So how exactly is the program changing to reflect their new goal of reducing the generation gap? The first thing they are doing is changing up the standard list of guests that appear on the show. They will now be split up into groups that represent the 10’s~20’s generation, the 30’s~40’s generation and the 50’s and over generation. The show will also focus more on discussing the difference in concepts and thoughts between these three major generations in an effort to have all three generations have a better understanding of each other.

For the first recording, SHINee’s Key, A Pink, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, EXO, Yoo Seung Woo and comedian Maeng Seung Ji will represent the 10’s~20’s group while the 30’s~40’s group will comprise of SES’s Shoo, H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Joon and Comedian Kim Ji Min. Finally the 50’s and over group will comprise of Jo Kwan Woo‘s father, Jo Tong Dal and classical musician Shin Young Hee.