Baek Ah Yeon Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Debut With San E

Baek Ah Yeon takes a picture with former labelmate San E.

On September 12, she made a guest appearance on MBC’s radio program “Younha’s Starry Starry Night.” The radio program uploaded her photo with San E on its official Twitter along with the message, “The studio was sweet and aromatic thanks to Baek Ah Yeon’s fans. Celebrating her one year since debut, Baek Ah Yeon poses with San E.”

Inside the photo, she gives a mischievous pose while holding a bouquet of congratulatory flowers. San E gives a cheerful grin while pointing the attention towards Baek Ah Yeon and holding her cake.

The cake and flowers were prepared by fans. Baek Ah Yeon made her debut last year on September 10.

baek ah yeon inside