Eva Is Not Shy About Modeling Her Pregnant Body

TV personality Eva Popiel had no problems modeling despite being in the full term of her pregnancy. 

Eva modeled in a pictorial with the concept of “Miracle of Love” for maternity magazine “Monthly Maternity.” For the photo shoot she wore five outfits with different accessories. The daring and stylish outfits revealed Eva large pregnant belly, which she presented with pride as an expecting mother. 

Eva revealed that her unborn child’s nickname was Kiwi. She said, “I am happily waiting for my life with my lovely baby, Kiwi. My body and my mind is ready to meet Kiwi. I want to meet Kiwi soon. There is so much of the world I want to show Kiwi.” 

According to the staff on set, even though she was in the final months of her pregnancy and was bearing the weight for two, she never frowned and instead continually had a bright smile. The staff members were delighted with the happy atmosphere she brought to the photo shoot.

Eva married a Korean citizen in October of 2010 and is expecting to give birth early October of this year. 

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