Cha No Ah Admits to All Marijuana Charges

Actor Cha Seung Won‘s son Cha No Ah recently admitted to all marijuana charges. Sexual assault charges have also been filed against Cha No Ah as of recent developments. 

Cha No Ah’s public hearing was held at the Sungnam branch of the Suwon district court on September 12 at 10:50am. 

Cha No Ah was represented by his lawyer, who stated that his client would, “admit to all charges.” In addition, his lawyer requested that all of the facts surrounding the circumstances in which his client’s criminal offenses were committed be clarified in court.

Cha No Ah, DMTN member Choi Daniel and TV personality Bianca Mobley along with several others were indicted for smoking and illegal distribution of marijuana this past march. 

Cha No Ah will be facing his next public hearing on October 1 at 2pm. 


Edited for accuracy