Park Jin Young Reveals He Had a Heated Argument with Sunye Before

Park Jin Young recently shared that he and Wonder Girls’ Sunye had some disagreements before.

The producer and singer is currently promoting his tenth album, “Half Time” and made a guest appearance on MBC‘s “People Are Good” to film a short documentary following his everyday life.

On the show he happened to reminisce on a time when the Wonder Girls had first kicked off their promotional activities in the United States back in 2009. 

He recalled, “There was a time Sunye and I didn’t talk for two days because of an argument. However, there hasn’t been a time more precious to me than when we were working together at that time.”

Sunye confessed, “Back then he wasn’t our company producer but acted instead like our manager and took care of everything. So I couldn’t help but be affected emotionally at times.”

Park Jin Young went on explain his coaching method saying, “If you overcome all challenges, you will receive praise- but if it doesn’t work out, then you might be reprimanded for doing something wrong.”