Park Yoochun Fan Club Donates a Library

“Blessing Yoochun,” the over-30s fan community for Park Yoochun of JYJ, established a “Park Yoochun Library” to mark its third anniversary. 

In the past three years, the fan community kept standing up for the right things, like donating $9,200 to a boy with a burn injury who couldn’t afford to receive medical treatment due to his family’s situation, $2,760 to a boy suffering from heart disease, and cash or goods offerings to many other children in difficult living conditions. The fan community has constantly shown their support by helping children in Yoochun’s name.

yoochun noona ajumma fans

To celebrate its third anniversary, the fan community donated $4,600 to establish a library and study rooms, over 8,800 books, and stationary for children on a remote island. The children on the island have no schools to go to, which makes their educational background low. They will name the new library after him, the “Park Yoochun Library.”

Meanwhile, Yoochun is preparing for his new movie “Sea Fog” which is produced by Bong Joon Ho. The movie will start filming on September 30.

A big thumbs up for awesome Yoochun’s noona-ajumma fans!