Park Min Young Cherishes Her 10 Years of Friendship With Jessica

Actress Park Min Young recently expressed her gratitude for good friends like Girl’s Generation member Jessica

On September 14, Park Min Young was interviewed as a guest on KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Relay.”

When asked about her friendship with Jessica, she replied, “She is a very old friend of mine. Nothing has changed between us since back then. I think I’ve known her for over ten years or so. Jessica has a grown into a young woman, so I feel like she is someone I can lean on whenever I need a friend.”

In the same interview, Park Min Young shared old photos of the two female celebrities smiling radiantly for the camera. The two stars appear to refer to one another as sisters, signifying the strength of their friendship. They have also supported each other in their various career endeavors; Park Min Young cheered on Jessica earlier this march while playing the role of Elle Woods in the “Legally Blonde” musical.