Sulli Discusses the Pressure of Being an Idol in

f(x) member Sulli posed for a photo shoot and interview featured in the September issue of fashion magazine “Ceci.”  In the photo shoot, Sulli looked a modern royal princess with her sweet face and elegant demeanor.  The pretty idol was styled in various looks fit for any event a princess might wish to attend—a poofy, tulle gown perfect for a ball; a sleek, lace dress for a reception; a polka-dot dress topped with a pearl collar for afternoon tea. 


On the pressure she feels as an idol, Sulli said: “The image of an always-smiling face is strong.  Maybe because of that, if there was a moment that I was not smiling and, without any thought, had an expressionless face, there were times that people misunderstood and thought I was unhappy or had some negative thoughts.  When I heard those kinds of things, I thought, ‘Uh?  I didn’t have any negative thoughts, was my expression weird?  Maybe my complexion was not good?”  Suddenly, over something that was nothing, I had all kinds of worries.” 


On needing a fox-like charm, Sulli commented: “It seems you need it.  Actually, I am not really good at that.  There’s a way to be shrewd and fox-like, to act sensibly depending upon the situation.  For example, at the end of a difficult schedule when my manager has just taken me home, I should be able to express my gratitude to him by giving an expression that shoots hearts at him, but, I get so embarrassed that in front of him I can’t do anything.  Even though I send a text saying thanks, the feeling that the person gets from receiving the text is different.  As opposed to becoming shrewd and manipulative, I wish I could just minimize my bashfulness.”         






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