Gary Surprises Ji Hyo With a Kiss On “Running Man”

Gary surprised Ji Hyo with a kiss on the cheek in the latest “Running Man” episode! 

On September 15, SBS’s “Running Man” aired an episode featuring guests G-Dragon, Seungri and Daesung for a “Save Princess Ji Hyo” special.

On that day, Gary surprised Ji Hyo with a kiss and surprised everyone in attendance of the opening event. As a result, Gary was able to place first by capturing Ji Hyo’s heart on the program.

During the rice paddy race portion of the show, Gary surprised Ji Hyo again for what appeared to be a second attempt to plant a kiss on her cheek. The rest of the members joked, “If you keep that up, it’ll become a habit.” 

Ji Suk Jin teased Ji Hyo after the incident saying, “You should enjoy it because it’s only for today” causing everyone to laugh.