Seo In Guk Studies His Script for “Master’s Sun”

Recent photos of Seo In Guk were shared from the set of his latest drama, “Master’s Sun.”

On September 14, photos of Seo In Guk was shared on his official Twitter account with the caption, “This is the set of SBS’s drama, ‘Master’s Sun.’ Even though he has a tiring schedule, In Guk doesn’t let go of his script. We’re looking forward to seeing Seo In Guk in next week’s episodes!”

In photos, Seo In Guk is studying his script at his desk in his character’s usual outfit. Seo In Guk currently plays the role of Kang Woo, a mall security officer in the drama, “Master’s Sun” along with co-stars Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub

Netizens commented, “Seo In Guk looks handsome when he’s working hard” and “Wow, Seo In Guk is so concentrated on his script!”