Yang Hyun Suk Opens Up About JYP’s Attempt to Bring Wonder Girls to US Market

On September 14, Park Jin Young allowed the cameras from MBC’s “People Are Good” to document his everyday life.

The episode also broadcast an interview with YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who spoke about Park Jin Young’s venture into the U.S. market with Wonder Girls saying, “When he brought the Wonder Girls to the U.S. in hopes of breaking into the market, any chance of success was like trying to find a needle in the desert.”

He went on to say, “Back then, there weren’t any examples of successful artists that had broken into the U.S. market from Japan, China, or all of Asia.” He also said, “I admired his ambition to bring the successful Wonder Girls over to the United States to try and start something. If it were me, I never would’ve dared to try something like that.”