Kim Min Jong: “Jang Dong Gun’s Baby Makes Me Think of Marriage”

Bachelor actor Kim Min Jong revealed a desire to marry. On September 13, the actor appeared in the MBC reality show “I Live Alone,” along with Noh Hong Chul and Defconn, among others.

Noh Hong Chul brought up the idea of marriage among the participants. He told Kim Min Jong, “In the past, you were in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ with actors who are already married. How was it?”

Kim Min Jong replied, “Jang Dong Gun would show the occasional baby pictures, but when he shows the video of the baby, it’s really lovely. The pang of loneliness would really hit then.” He then added with a laugh, “You should try to invite more females here.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Jong has not announced his next project. He was last seen in an episode on the ratings hit “I Hear Your Voice” in a cameo role. 

Kim Min Jong on I Live Alone