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Management: M.A.R.C (Mad Artist & Rude Creator) Company

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Full name: 김원 (Kim Won)

Born: September 8, 1993

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There are some artists that just really jump out at you. With lesser known K-Pop artists, sometimes all you can do is preview the mere thirty seconds of their song off a Korean website like Daum since they are not readily available on Youtube like the majority of K-Pop songs. I had the opportunity to ask One via Facebook a couple things about himself like who his musical inspirations were. He first mentioned that it was really hard to count on one hand who he was inspired by, but he had to point out PharellThe WeekndDrakeFrank Ocean, and Nirvana as his inspirations. They are his favorite and he would always be inspired by them. He named G-Dragon as the person he would like to collaborate with in the future.

One  is the president of M.A.R.C., which stands for Mad Artist and Rude Creator. Although there is no specific reason for the company’s name, he says he finds it special and cool. M.A.R.C. was founded in 2011 and is publicly made up of six members. Typically, M.A.R.C. produces hip hop, acoustic sound, EDM, and alternative music. However, they plan to branch into the video and fashion industry.

He released his first single “너는 내게 왜” in 2012. The track is an upbeat R&B/pop song showcasing his vocals and sick beats. His songs have a smooth flow to them, perfect to bob your head up and down to. Gloomy day? Happy day? His songs are just the thing to make it even better. His most recent song is “Hello.” It is a lively track filled with a soft, yet charming tune.


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너는 내게 왜

Released: 2012.10.19

 01. 너는 내게 왜



 under the radar - one- cover 2


Released: 2013.06.19

 01. 우린안될거야아마 (feat. Remo)

02. 살아있게해

03. 우린안될거야아마 (Inst.)

04. 살아있게해 (Inst.)


under the radar - one - cover 3


Released: 2013.08.26

 01. Hello


[MV] 우린안될거야 아마

[AUDIO] 너는 내게 왜

[AUDIO] 너는 내게 왜 (2011 Demo)

[AUDIO] 우린 안될거야 아마 (Feat. Remo)

[AUDIO] 살아있게 해

[AUDIO] 그런적 있었어? (Feat. Nani)

[AUDIO] Special feat. Nani Kim

[AUDIO] Hello

Credits & Sources: Daum “One” Music Page, One’s Facebook, M.A.R.C. Youtube, Mardi09@Soompi (compilation)


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